Art stickers

Now you can own artwork from Whales et al. ART as stickers! Put these hand painted water colour illustrations on your laptop, notebook, phone, water bottle, bike, car window - wherever you see fit! They come in packs of five stickers - either in a Favourite species pack, or Mixed species pack.

All stickers are contour cut, and have a transparent background, to seamlessly fit wherever you want your ocean animals. They are water proof and durable, and therefore suitable to bring along on your most used items. Perfect companions.

We have stickers of the following species:

Killer Whale (7.4x8 cm), Humpback Whale (8x4.7 cm), Bowhead Whale (8x3.4 cm), Harbour Porpoise (8x4.5 cm), Bottlenose Dolphin (8x3.3 cm), Manatee (6.4x6 cm), Leopard Seal (8x6.3 cm), Basking Shark (8x3.8 cm), Great White Shark (8x5.1 cm), Common Octopus (5.5x7.5 cm), Portoguese Man O'War* (5.5x6.7 cm).

All the animals above can either be purchased as a "Favourite species pack", or within a "Mixed species pack"

Both the "Favourite species packs" and "Mixed species packs" includes five stickers.

*In addition to the transparent background, the Portoguese Man O'War jellyfish sticker is semi-transparent on the parts that are so in real life.