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Favourite species sticker pack

Favourite species sticker pack

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Introducing the Favourite Species sticker pack - a set of 5 hand-painted watercolor illustrations of your favorite species. These durable stickers are perfect for spreading out and expressing your love for the ocean. Add a touch of the ocean to your belongings, or share with your friends.

All stickers are contour cut, and have a transparent background, to seamlessly fit wherever you want your ocean animals. They are water proof and durable, and therefore suitable to bring along on your most used items.

Choose between the following 11 species:
Killer Whale
Humpback Whale
Bowhead Whale
Harbour Porpoise
Bottlenose Dolphin
Leopard Seal
Basking Shark
Great White Shark
Common Octopus
Portoguese Man O'War

All comes in packs of 5.

Sticker dimensions:
Killer Whale (7.4x8 cm), Humpback Whale (8x4.7 cm), Bowhead Whale (8x3.4 cm), Harbour Porpoise (8x4.5 cm), Bottlenose Dolphin (8x3.3 cm), Manatee (6.4x6 cm, Leopard Seal (8x6.3 cm), Basking Shark (8x3.8 cm), Great White Shark (8x5.1 cm), Common Octopus (5.5x7.5 cm), Portoguese Man O'War (5.5x6.7 cm)

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