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Bowhead whale | Grönlandsval | Balaena mysticetus

Bowhead whale | Grönlandsval | Balaena mysticetus

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Original water colour painting on high quality cold pressed cotton paper, 26x36cm.

The bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) is a baleen whale species that falls under the family Balaenidae, serving as the sole existing member of the genus Balaena. Uniquely adapted to Arctic and subarctic environments, it is the only baleen whale species found in these cold waters. The whale is distinguished by its distinctive massive triangular skull, used to break through Arctic ice. With the largest mouth relative to body length among all animals, it accounts for nearly one-third of its total length. Additionally, bowheads possess the lengthiest baleen plates, reaching up to 4 meters, and are thought to be among the longest-lived mammals, potentially exceeding 200 years in lifespan.

The water colour original paintings are sent in individual paper tubes, and wrapped in silk paper to protect the painting and make sure that it stay in great condition during shipment.

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