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Whales et al. ART

Leopard seal | Sjöleopard | Hydrurga leptonyx

Leopard seal | Sjöleopard | Hydrurga leptonyx

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Original water colour painting on high quality water colour paper, 30x40cm.

Leopard seals (Hydrurga leptonyx) are formidable predators inhabiting the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions, recognized for their distinctive appearance with a sleek, leopard-like pattern on their dark gray fur. As one of the larger seal species, adult females can reach around 3.5 meters in length, equipped with powerful jaws and sharp teeth for hunting a diverse diet including fish, penguins, squid, krill, and even other seals. Agile swimmers, leopard seals navigate icy Antarctic waters using their front flippers for propulsion and steering. Their vocalizations, ranging from eerie wails to low-frequency calls, serve as a means of communication and territorial establishment. Known for their curiosity, they may approach boats and divers.

The water colour original paintings are sent in individual paper tubes, and wrapped in silk paper to protect the painting and make sure that it stays in great condition during shipment.

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