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Basking shark | Brugd | Cetorhinus maximus

Basking shark | Brugd | Cetorhinus maximus

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Original water colour painting on high quality water colour paper, 30x40cm.

Basking sharks (Cetorhinus maximus) captivate with their colossal size, ranking as the second-largest shark species globally. These filter feeders, distinguished by their unique gill slits encircling their heads, can grow over 12 meters long and leisurely cruise near the water's surface, a behavior known as "basking." Despite their massive stature, they are sluggish swimmers, primarily consuming plankton and small marine life. Found in cold and temperate waters globally, these sharks exhibit intriguing migration patterns, and ongoing research aims to unravel more about their movements and behaviors. With a potential for long lifespans, basking sharks face conservation challenges such as commercial fishing and vessel collisions, prompting efforts to protect and study these remarkable marine creatures.

The water colour original paintings are sent in individual paper tubes, and wrapped in silk paper to protect the painting and make sure that it stays in great condition during shipment.

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